Within the next six months, Twitter is expected to release a series of new ad formats as well as improved targeting methods. Twitter claims that the new features will provide new targeting options and ad formats on par with Facebook’s Paid Advertising capabilities.

Twitter’s current suite of advertising products have been heavily criticized since they only offer the ability to increase visibility of tweets, trends or accounts, and don’t lend much assistance to more tangible conversion processes like e-commerce purchases and app installs.

In response to the demand for a more direct-response approach, Twitter will be introducing 15 brand new ad formats.  The first batch of new ad releases will include ad format offering direct Mobile app-install downloads, a button that automatically directs users to the App store. Once the app has completed downloading, users will then be automatically redirected back to Twitter.

These features will be made possible through Twitter’s Card Technology, which allows advertisers to customize the content of a Tweet, expanding beyond the traditional limit of a simple 140 characters text message to also include an interactive button that completes some desired action. In addition to app downloads, advertisers will eventually be able to utilize the button to perform other goals, such as promoting sweepstakes, contests, click-to-call behavior, and email address shares with a single click.

In addition to the new ad formats, Twitter has also partnered with third-party data providers Axciom and Datalogix, which will provide advertisers with the ability to target ads to demographics based on interest and lifestyle data collected outside of the Twitter ecosystem.