Facebook’s new auto-play video ads may have some advertisers rejoicing, but the early feedback from users was extremely negative.

Before these videos had even been announced, a study by Analytic Partners reported that 83% of Facebook users would find video ads intrusive and would likely ignore them.

While Facebook has obviously begun an inevitable campaign of pushing advertisers to abandon organic social marketing efforts in favor of standard push-style ads, there is simply no substitute for running natural, compelling and engaging social media marketing campaigns.

Yes, paid Facebook advertisements certainly work, but nothing perform better on the network than the tried and tested conventional favorite, the Facebook page.

In fact, the most important component of virtually every organic Social Media marketing campaign is the Facebook page.

With that in mind, here are 3 concepts required to achieve any form of marketing success with your brand’s page:

Share Compelling Content

Facebook content should be delivered in a variety of forms. If every piece of content you share comes across in the same medium, pretty soon your fans will snub their noses at your efforts, seeking interaction elsewhere.

To keep your content engaging, be sure to share it in different forms. Experiment with photos, videos, and links, track your page’s engagement metrics via Facebook Insights, then use the medium that works best for each type of message you’re presenting to your users.

Keep in mind too that the actual content shared cannot be based solely on trends or real-time events, because if you’re exclusively using content that’s “here today, but gone tomorrow”, you‘re likely to experience lackluster results.

Yes, timely messaging, including seasonal stuff, is certainly important, but if all you’re doing is wishing people happy holidays, happy New Year, happy company anniversary, etc., then fatigue is sure to set in quickly.

Make sure that some of the content you’re developing and sharing is of the “evergreen” variety, meaning that it will remain relevant for two weeks, two months, or even two years from the original date that it’s posted.

Get Them Engaged

No marketing medium works better than Social when it comes to creating valuable buzz about your business.

Want to get potential clients or customers to check out your website? Launch a contest, sweepstakes or giveaway that requires them to interact with your brand. Contests are the fastest way to expand your audience, generate tons of activity and attention, and create a tidal wave of activity on your fan page’s wall.

Including great rewards, free merchandise, discount coupons, fan spotlights or other compelling incentives will also be required if you’re hoping to “go viral”, but even iTunes gift cards have proven to be effective motivators for social engagement.

However, don’t expect your contest to generate an army of brand-loyal customers or an avalanche of new sales, as the types brought into the fold by free stuff don’t often hang around once the giveaways have ended.

Along those lines, make sure you’re prepared to keep new fans hooked with a compelling content marketing plan once the allure of “free” has worn off.

Use Professional Designers

Don’t launch a Facebook fan page that is any less professional than your website and other branded collateral. Remember, this page is likely to serve as your first impression to thousands, or perhaps even millions of potential new customers – it needs to look nice!

Lacking a smart, professional, or interesting design could cause the rest of your efforts to fall flat, so  make sure to allocate enough resources toward putting your best foot forward with your fan page’s appearance.

Using an eye-catching cover photo, a high-quality profile picture, and unique, high-resolution images for any visual material you share is a must. Gone are the days when relying on stock photography and photos taken with a potato could produce tens of thousands of likes.


Along with all of the other paid advertising tools in Facebook’s arsenal, auto-play video ad units are likely to produce positive ROI when used appropriately, but organic social media marketing is still required to generate serious brand engagement.

In the social media marketing space, there’s simply no excuse for ignoring community building.