AdWords Scripts are a useful way for advertisers to automate routine activities like campaign maintenance and reporting without needing to invest in third party tools. 

Unfortunately, the value of AdWords Scripts was significantly reduced since it forced advertisers to execute scripts from a single AdWords account, and only provided access to campaigns in that single account, meaning that the tool was virtually worthless for agencies, or brands managing multiple accounts through a parent My Client Center (MCC) account.

Until April 2014, there was no way to update a single script without altering the same script on every other connected account, meaning that there was potential for some devastating accidents.

Fortunately, Google recently released scripts for all AdWords MCC users, bringing this valuable tool to those of us who manage multiple accounts.

What Does This Mean?

If ten AdWords scripts are being used across ten child accounts, now only one AdWords script is needed on the MCC account. In the past any alterations to that script would require the advertiser to login to each account and manually change the script. Now advertisers only need to create one script, and any alterations to that script only require advertisers to do it once.

What Can MCC AdWords Scripts Do?

Scripts can be used to look for search queries that have high spends and no conversions, automatically added those phrases to the account as negative keywords, preventing advertising dollars from being diverted to those terms.

Scripts can also be used to automatically compare the performance of A/B split tests, pausing the version of an ad that isn’t performing as well, making it far easier to optimize accounts, campaigns and individual ads.

Scripts can seamlessly integrate with Google Docs, Google’s web-based version of Microsoft Office, allowing you to save performance data in custom formats for reporting purposes.

But I Don’t Know How To Code

The best part about Google’s AdWords Scripts is that you don’t need to be a developer or a code expert to reap the benefits offered by them. Google provides a series of pre-made scripts useful for reporting, bidding, adjusting and alerts, which can be leveraged as-is, or personalized for additional value.

To view some examples of AdWords Scripts, and learn more about how to leverage them for your own needs, please visit Google’s Developers page about AdWords Scripts, here: