Ongoing Growth and Market Opportunity Drives Need for New Division

IRVINE, CA (June 16, 2014)—US Interactive Media (USIM), a leading interactive advertising agency, announced the launch of its new Performance Marketing division yesterday. Performance Marketing is a digital advertising model where an advertiser only pays for qualified results from a media placement.  

USIM’s ongoing growth and market opportunity has driven the need to create this new division and further its goal to become a completely integrated digital media marketing company.

“We are excited to launch this new division and provide our clients with multiple media offerings,” said Eran Goren President of U.S. Interactive Media.

The new division will be spearheaded by Ben Trevizo, Director of Performance Marketing, who has been specifically appointed the position because of his extensive knowledge and experience in online direct response and affiliate marketing. The Performance Marketing team will focus on generating incremental sales for performance driven advertisers through affiliate program strategy and management, performance display, mobile advertising and lead generation.